Featured goLancer: Aleksandar Stankovic

When we sent out the invitations for the first goMeeting, we were both optimistic and enthusiastic. We were sure that talented goLancers would attend. However, we were taken by surprise when we found out that a genuine multi-talented individual would knock us off our feet with a list of his remarkable skills. Aleksandar Stankovic is a talented writer, energetic salesperson, reliable virtual assistant, and an enthusiastic video editor. Let’s find out together how it is possible to be equally successful in providing more than one freelance skill with the top quality and at an affordable price.

goLance: When and why have you decided to become a freelancer? What was the most important reason or the motivation for you?

Aleksandar: When I was in high school, I arrived early one day and I was thinking about my future and based on my personality, I have decided that I want to have time in my life. I do not want to work 9-5. I don’t want to wait for the weekend to have fun, I don’t want to have only 2 weeks of vacation. In summary, I wanted to have freedom, to be able to control my free time and at

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