Excelling at Virtual Communication

“Hey, do you have a minute?” It takes seconds in an office setting to communicate with your coworkers, employees, and managers and minimal effort. Virtually, it can take anywhere from minutes up to days to get answers from colleagues. How can you, a newly remote worker, manage the communication medium switch?

Agency owners are experiencing a ‘baptism by fire’ in regards to a remote workforce during the current pandemic restrictions. We’ve compiled communication guidelines for employees to help with the immediate transition to working from home (WFH).

Clear Communication is Key

Misunderstanding based on text communication among team members can lead to unhealthy work environments, and decrease in morale and productivity. As a newly remote employee it is your responsibility to set standards and methods for yourself to effectively navigate working remotely with your team.

The following six steps will help you establish healthy and productive remote communication:

Identify the system
Different situations require different methods of communication. For example a quick question to a teammate should use a fast messaging system like a direct message or Slack so the response rate is fast. On the other hand, if you are asking a series of questions it would be faster

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