Ever feel like “why do I bother to do my best at work”…?

All too often, you’re right, it’s not worth it.

Nobody seems to care! You don’t get the kudos you deserve (nor the extra cash money), and your colleague, let’s call him ‘Lazy Larry’, gets paid all the same as you!… (how annoying).

Well, we think this is bad, very bad.

You see, we’re big fans of ‘meritocracy’. “What’s that” you say? well, basically, if you’re good at something (anything really), you should be recognised and rewarded for it. Marketplaces can achieve meritocracy – because, let’s face it, no-one will pay for Lazy Larry with a 1-star rating when they could work with you, Super Sarah with a 5-star rating!  That’s why we’ve built Gigable to be a true marketplace. If you are an awesome delivery guy or girl, for example, you’re rating will reflect it, you’ll climb the Gigable ladder and you start making the extra money you deserve.

OK, so that’s the meritocracy part (there’s that word again), but you know what else? We also believe in equality and your independence. Okkk …. stay with us! What do we mean by “Equality“? Well, with our two-way rating system, the feedback flows both ways. Just finished a gig with an awesome

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