Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing for On-Demand Staffing Firms

In today’s job market, there are literally not enough people to fill open jobs. And the on-demand staffing industry is suffering the most with a plethora of gig-based platforms out there like Lyft, Task Rabbit, and Doordash taking workers away from traditional staffing firms. In this extremely tight labor market, staffing firms have to be more deliberate and savvy than ever when it comes to promoting their brand, so they can attract the best candidates and keep them happy in the long-term. 

How do we start? By understanding the difference between employer branding and recruitment marketing and when to utilize which. Pundits have argued whether they are one in the same or separate tactics that need to be executed in tandem. Based on aggregate public opinion in the staffing industry, we’ve decided to go with the latter. 

Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

Employer branding determines “the why” or identity of the brand while recruitment marketing is “the how” by promoting it through varied channels. We’ll dive more into the processes of each tactic and explain why both are needed to attract and retain the best talent.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding (EB) refers to the company’s reputation based on

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