DoorDash survey finds restaurant takeout is on the rise, launches new pickup feature

Enjoying a hot meal prepared by your favorite neighborhood restaurant can lift your mood, satisfy cravings, and give you a little more time in the day to manage the newfound stress we’re all facing. While many customers prefer the ease and convenience of door-to-door delivery, we know that others opt for the pickup feature, ordering their food online for pickup at the restaurant. During the past few months the way we dine has drastically changed, which is why DoorDash wanted to give you more choice in how you’d prefer to experience a restaurant-quality meal at home while supporting your favorite local restaurants. We’ve onboarded tens of thousands of merchants onto pickup to help generate even more sales for merchants at zero cost to them while offering you another way to access your favorite cuisines. As more merchants adopted the pickup feature, we also saw more of you opting for takeout, a win-win for restaurants and customers who pay no fees on pickup orders.

DoorDash surveyed customers to understand what’s motivating you to choose takeout. Here’s what we found out:

Restaurant takeout is on the rise:

56% of customers said the amount they ordered takeout has increased amidst the pandemic as customers support their local businesses during

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