Don’t let writer’s block bring you down

As writers, we deal with this all the time. Imagine sitting down at your computer, staring at the blank screen, and trying to write something. Nothing happens. Inspiration doesn’t strike. You have a deadline, yet you just can’t get the words onto the page.

There are several reasons you might be experiencing writer’s block.

You might be suffering from a case of perfectionism.

If you’ve just recently published a book or an article, you have experienced a huge rush of success and could be extremely nervous that whatever you write next will just not measure up. That’s what editing is for.

Remember that anything is better than nothing.

Always edit your work before submitting it. You can’t edit a draft you haven’t written, and mediocre first drafts are always OK.

You might be suffering from a case of imposter syndrome.

Writers are notorious for this condition, even if they are extremely famous and extremely wealthy. I guess we’re predisposed to it. Who knows?

It helps to remind yourself of what you have achieved.

Some people even have a special coffee cup with the word “writer” on it. Apparently this helps, because these people have sold a lot of books.

You might simply be

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