Digital Screening & The Rise of the ‘Interactive Job Interview’

In the past, if you needed to hire 100, 1000 or 5,000 people, you would hold a job fair. Your company would meet, interview, and review their resume and references–a process that was both time consuming and expensive, to only yield mixed results. But now, as essential businesses need to hire hundreds of thousands of workers in a time of social distancing, it’s time to consider innovative ways to streamline the hiring process by utilizing digital screening and the “interactive job interview.” 

The sudden shift in hiring demand and practices is unprecedented and businesses need to pivot quickly to adapt. These two practices can help you quickly sort and source workers in an efficient and digital process and even have them on-site next-day.

How Digital Screening Works

Jobs used to be posted in classified ads, pinned on physical bulletin boards, and advertised at career fairs to only be seen by small audiences. Before you could make your hiring decisions, you would then have to meet in person and interview the candidate to determine if they were a good fit. 

In a time of social distancing when even small groups of people are not allowed to convene, the traditional interview process

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