Contractor Corner: Olga Shapiro

Contracting has become a rising alternative to full-time employment, inspired by millennials’ desires for freedom and control over their career. It seems that this paradigm shift is not just affecting liberal entrepreneurial occupations, but now is emerging in more traditional corporate environments.

As a part of GigNow’s Contractor Corner, we are chatting with Olga Shapiro, who has been contracting for several years and just completed a gig in EY’s Financial Services Group.

Hi Olga! To start, could you briefly share your professional background with us?

I worked full time in public accounting for three years at the top national accounting firms before I transitioned over to contract work. I have two busy seasons as a contractor under my belt so far.

Why did contract work appeal to you when you had been working as a full-time employee?

After completing a busy season as a full-time worker, I hit a crossroads and questioned what I wanted from my career long-term and what my next steps looked like. I felt like contracting would give me the time to get clarity on the bigger picture, while still moving forward with my existing career. It also gave me the time to explore different areas of

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