Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month — and while we think women deserve to be celebrated all year long (naturally!) — we’ll take any extra opportunity to shine a spotlight on inspiring women leading the way at restaurants on DoorDash.

Heena Patel, Owner and Executive Chef, Besharam

Why did you start Besharam?

I didn’t imagine that I will have a restaurant. Nobody in my family has one. I feel like Gujarati women are raised to cook excellent food for their family but never train professionally. My grandmother or my mother always said, “I wish I would’ve done this. I wish I would’ve done that.” I heard that so many times growing up. For me, I want to do whatever I feel like doing. I strive for that. I didn’t stay home. I went outside. This opportunity was not given to me. I worked for it.

Zeni Gebremariam, Chef and Co-owner, Zeni Ethiopian

What’s it like for you to run a business?

A restaurant needs attention 24/7. So I’m always there and I couldn’t go out. The challenge is, you have to wake up at 6 in the morning, and 6 until midnight, you have to be there cooking and serving and everything. Before, when my husband was here, he helped me a lot.

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