Celebrating the Dashers Behind Project DASH

By Bunge Okeyo (Operations, Social Impact) & Emma Glazer (Dasher Marketing)

Dashers across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia have played an important role in their communities, delivering food and essentials to customers and keeping local businesses going through this challenging time.

During COVID-19, there has been an increased need for last-mile delivery of food and supplies, especially for those at high risk. To do our part, DoorDash expanded Project DASH, partnering with government agencies, restaurants, and community organizations, including our national collaboration with United Way Worldwide. In our first eight weeks and across 46 states, Dashers have already delivered more than 650,000 meals from senior centers, schools, food banks, food pantries, and restaurants to seniors, medically fragile students, healthcare workers, and food insecure families. We plan to continue expanding to support communities across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

While the impact of these deliveries is unique, in many ways, Project DASH deliveries are completed like a typical DoorDash delivery. Dashers are paid for every delivery they complete. They are informed that the delivery is contact-free and encouraged to use personal protective equipment provided by DoorDash.

Thousands of Dashers — from New York City to San Jose, New Orleans to Akron — have completed deliveries to

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