CASHDROP Wants to Help You Monetize Your Side Hustle

CASHDROP, a merchant-first e-commerce platform turning ideas, passion and talents into profitable digital businesses with zero commissions and zero monthly fees, today released LINK DROP, a new feature enabling creators to bypass digital marketplaces that take big commission cuts for every purchase and to start selling digital goods in minutes.

The lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced many businesses to open online stores to reach audiences. But friction points and upselling tactics on legacy e-commerce platforms continue to inhibit growth by taxing entrepreneurs with marketing, delivery and processing fees. And with more than one-third of Americans freelancing amid the pandemic, contributing $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, these younger, highly-skilled professionals seeking flexible alternatives to traditional employment deserve a better chance to make something meaningful out of their side hustles.

“We’ve fundamentally changed the economics of e-commerce platforms to enable dreamers to start the businesses they’ve always wanted to. We simply want to help people sell more, faster,” said Ruben Flores-Martinez, Founder and CEO of CASHDROP. “Our incentives are one hundred percent aligned with our entrepreneurs. When they make more, we make more.”

The new LINK DROP feature gives entrepreneurs a chance to sell and distribute any digital asset that’s ready to be consumed instantly as well as to take orders for customized content. Simply upload inventory – from workout guides, e-books, to mixtapes – and your customers receive a link upon payment. This option allows sellers to customize digital assets for each buyer with a personalized link to a PDF, photo, video or any other file, giving groundbreaking control to entrepreneurs to monetize their knowledge and expertise with digital assets. With LINK DROP, millions of creators worldwide can start an online business with no friction, no inventory constraints, no logistical problems and no excuses.

CASHDROP lets entrepreneurs monetize, test and innovate through one app by making it easier, faster and cheaper for anyone to start a business. With LINK DROP, entrepreneurs can now sell directly to their audiences without having to give up any of their profits to third-party marketplaces.

Download CASHDROP from the App Store for free today.