CareerGig to Enter Accelerator Program

CareerGig says they have joined the Newchip Accelerator Program – a web and mobile investment platform that connects startups to investors. Newchip, one of the global leaders in the industry, has helped companies in its programs get funded with over $150M in investments since its founding in 2017.

CareerGig is an online SaaS-based platform that provides access to available freelance gigs and contract projects at top companies looking for candidates. But not your typical ‘job board’, CareerGig offers platform users a robust menu of tailored-for-freelancer offerings of health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, among a selection of other benefits.

On the staffing and recruiting end, companies that sign up for the service will have access to state of the art verification services. Human resource professionals within companies are able to access CareerGig’s streamlined and secure verification process that allows for multiple background checks and assessments, saving time and internal resources. Built with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, CareerGig provides companies the security and peace of mind when hiring candidates.

For CareerGig, acceptance into the Seed & Series A category of the program is a promising step. As one of the top investment platforms in the world, Newchip’s strong record of helping companies is an encouraging nod to CareerGig’s future.

“We are very excited to join the Newchip cohort,” said Greg Kihlström, CEO and Co-Founder of CareerGig. “Being part of this prestigious program is encouraging and additional confirmation from an industry leader that we’re on the right track. I and the rest of the CareerGig team are looking forward to learning and growing under the guidance of Newchip.”