Capture Your Personality in a Photo – Tips & Tricks for a Great Profile Picture

Your favorite photo of yourself might be a great profile picture for Instagram or Facebook…but is it the right one for a job application?

When a hiring manager has hundreds of applicants, you want to make sure your profile picture has the chance to shine. You feel great about answering their interview questions, but did you think about the profile photo you’ve chosen? There are a few things to consider when trying to take a great profile photo. Here’s how you can find the right balance of personality and professional.


Virtual Visual Introduction

There’s nothing worse than seeing a default avatar or “No Photo Available” when you’re trying to get a first sense of someone. If you’re given the chance to make a quick little introduction, put your best self forward.

“Managing your personal (and professional) brand is the key to successful networking, job placement, and career development,” said Allie Hagerty, Director of Human Resources at Jobble. “Having a proper photo represented on your profile (whether on Jobble’s platform or on LinkedIn) is helpful in managing your brand before even meeting a hiring manager or recruiter.”

You can hire a photographer or go to a studio to get

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