Build a sales pipeline to bring in more clients

If you’re new to the freelancing world, you may be learning the difficult but important lesson that selling your expertise is not easy. If you want to close the deals with prospective clients, you need to follow a strategic sales process. This is where the sales pipeline comes in.

The pipeline shows in detail how leads (that is, the people you’d like to become your clients) should be nurtured through various stages from initial connection to conversion. Your success or lack thereof depends on how well each pipeline stage is planned and executed.

Source: Freshworks

You will need to clearly define the actions to be taken in each stage of the pipeline, and then follow them in the correct order. In this article, I’ll give you an overview of the seven stages of an effective sales pipeline.

1. Create a New Opportunity

This is where you identify a new lead and record their contact information. A great way to gather this information is to invite people to fill out a form on your website in exchange for a consultation or other relevant freebie.

Source: Leadpages

An easy way to manage the leads you gather in this way is by inputting information into a spreadsheet. However,

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