Boredom Busters

Mini at-home adventures made simple.

The little ones have been good sports, considering the slow stay-at-home pace. But you’re likely out of ways to keep them busy. Teach them how to find the silver lining in any situation. Celebrate being together (alone) with some little adventures designed to brighten your (whole family’s) day.

Here, five DIY ways to break up the day — mini at-home adventures, easy peasy to put together in a pinch. Even easier? Support local restaurants in your community.

1. Pancake Pajama-Jammy Jam

Wake them up to build-your-own pancakes. With no school drop-offs to motivate anyone out the door, you’ll likely still be your pj’s anyway. Get crafty and make animal faces from a syrupy stack of pancakes, turn up some funky beats, and you’ve got a pan-tastic pajama jam! No pan required (with a breakfast delivery). Little ones in need of some artistic inspo? Take a virtual field trip to the San Diego zoo. They have live cams!

Score superparent points: Good morning. It’s Opposite Day (best announced while wearing your pajamas backwards). End the day with BYO pancakes — but for dinner! For everything in between, let their topsy, turvy imaginations take over.

2. Sensational Under-the-See-Food Scavenger Hunt

Give the kids fishy clues that lead them to areas around

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