Bookkeeping Basics for Freelancers and Small Agencies

Freelancers and Small Agencies are highly specialized individuals who excel exponentially in their craft. Unfortunately running a business is more than being amazing at your craft, it includes business development, pitching yourself, and managing your books. Luckily, we can help take some of the stress of running your business off of you. Communo has partnered with Tantelo a technology-enabled bookkeeping service provider. They offer specialized online bookkeeping and accounting services to a broad range of freelancers, as well as small and medium sized businesses across Canada and the USA. Keep reading to identify how a technology-enabled bookkeeping service provider can help you.

Bookkeeping Basics Software

There are many different accounting softwares available for freelancers to use. Some benefits of newer software are:

Cloud-based – software can be accessed from any device, including your phone!Integration and automation with applications such as Hubdoc, Zoho, Expensify, Plooto, Stripe, Shopify, Live Bank feeds, and more to help reduce manual entries.Mobile apps that allow you to scan your receipts, monitor your bank balances and profitability, and invoice clients on the fly.Modular software, where you only pay for the functionality you use and can choose to pay more for addons like Payroll, Corporate tax, as

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