Biohacks to help your brain do its best work

The 2020 crisis we all know as COVID-19 has split the world into before and after. Sudden and uncertain, it has messed up the contract for freelancers, especially those working with content creation; stresses and worries about what will happen to their business in the next few months discourage freelancers’ creativity, active brain work, and overall health.

And while most mental and physical health specialists advise taking it easy in times of crisis, freelancers understand that they need to work harder than ever to stay afloat.

Plus, as a freelancer, you know that your productivity and ability to deal with stresses and black swans like COVID-19 is a great chance to build a brand reputation for your freelance business, right?

The question is, how?

What freelancers need in a crisis is not simple hacks like “manage your time,” “use more tools,” or “organize your workplace better,” but biohacks: practices you regularly apply to increase concentration, creativity, and organization, decreasing mood swings and procrastination at the same time. They fuel your brain’s productivity while keeping you healthy and sane.

So, here goes the list of biohacks (tried and tested) for freelancers willing to flourish their productivity and overall well-being.

1) Improve your attitude

Numerous studies have shown the

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