Benefits for Gig Workers: Q&A on Jobble Perks

In 2020, there was a severe increase in the number of Americans that turned to the gig economy for supplemental income. They join millions of gig workers who are constantly searching for temporary, hourly or freelance gigs that fit their flexible schedules. One common criticism of the gig economy is the lack of protections and benefits for workers.

Jobble is dedicated to helping you support your hustle, whether you’re a new worker or a baby boomer. We’ve partnered with a variety of different companies and programs to provide benefits for gig workers. Here’s everything you need to know about Jobble Perks.

What are Jobble Perks?

Pairing job seekers with jobs will always be our mission, but we also think it’s important to support our community while they’re not using our platform to find work. From affordable insurance plans and investment solutions to discounts on lifestyle brands, Jobble Perks provides job seekers with exclusive offers fit for our community.

We’ve partnered with many notable brands to serve up the best deals possible. To name a few, Jobblers get 30% off online courses on Skillshare, can save an average of $877/year on car insurance with, and find

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