Be a Long-Term Employer of Five Generations

With five generations actively working in the US, it’s no wonder there’s confusion about what matters to the average employee. Overall, you can expect workers to desire good compensation, commitment to our well-being, and flexible schedules. However, the stereotypes that influence what we think about each age group are exaggerated at best. 

Younger generations are seen as unfocused and entitled with a dependency on technology. Older generations are viewed as out of touch and unwilling to adapt. In reality, a majority of Millennials and Generation Z believe their jobs are key components of their personal identity while 6 in 10 Baby Boomers want training to learn new skills and keep their industry knowledge up to date.

The Gig Economy Can Work For Everyone

Despite these predispositions, young and old find a way to work together cohesively and complete work they care about on a regular basis. Especially in the gig economy, you’re seeing a multi-generational labor force utilizing shift-based work for a variety of reasons. 

Whether retirement savings are running low or young creatives and entrepreneurs need income to fuel their personal passions, temporary staffing firms can cater to the needs of older workers while appealing to the younger generation

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