Avoid freelance burnout by being pickier about the jobs you take

When I first started out in freelance writing, I was excited. Finally, I was going to get paid for doing something I loved: writing.

I finished my first job quickly, got paid quickly, and my excitement grew.

I hopped onto every content mill and freelancing site I could find, bid on every job that was listed, and started sending my resume and proposals to every company out there, regardless of industry.

The way I figured it, I was a good writer. Anything else I could just figure out.

So it’s no wonder why I burnt out so quickly. Within just a few months, my awe and fascination with freelance writing was gone and it started to feel like work.

Not like a job – you can love a job – like work.

It no longer felt like I was getting paid to do something I loved, it felt like I was barely scraping by. I felt underpaid and undervalued (because I was).

And guess what? I blamed everyone else.

· The clients were cheapskates.

· The freelancing websites were biased toward their cheapskate clients.

· Other freelance writers were working for peanuts and dragging everyone’s value down.

I was absolutely ready to quit, convinced that the entire industry was doomed to

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