Are you making these 4 common content marketing mistakes?

You’ve heard that content marketing is absolutely vital to the success of your scaling business. But all of your content marketing efforts have failed to move the sales needle in the right direction.

How is this possible?

You could be making one of four very common content marketing mistakes that can stunt your growth, or even halt it all together.

But what are these mistakes? And how can you avoid making them in the future?

This article will break down four of the most common and dangerous content marketing mistakes, showing you what you should and should not be doing while trying to grow your business.

Not Offering Value

The word value gets tossed around a lot in the business world. That’s because it is integral to the sales process.

If you’re not creating a sense of value around a product or service, there’s no urgency for your customer to make a purchase. You have to show them the importance of a product and how it will directly impact their life.

People will spend money if they can see the value in their purchase. That’s really the backbone of content marketing. You’re creating value around your company and explaining how what you

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