An Exclusive Interview With Tejaswi Bitra – The Founder of Freelancing Mindset

Tejaswi Bitra is the founder of the most popular Space for freelancers on Quora – Freelancing Mindset, and this is his amazing story:

I was working as a Software Developer. I always wanted to be a freelancer. One day, I just quit my job to pursue freelancing. I struggled a bit in the beginning. Slowly I got some clients and got started as a freelancer. This was in mid-2014.

At the same time, I was seeking a community for freelancers, where my queries could be answered. I did not find any. So, I started one. I organized a freelancers meetup in my city (Bangalore, India). I have been organizing these meetups with the help of friends until early 2019. We took a break from these meetups and probably will restart some time in this year 2020. Now I am working as a Front End Developer in our startup.

Meanwhile, I felt a kind of lull. Felt like I had no venue to contribute to this community. My other option was starting a Facebook group. Frankly, all Facebook Groups about Freelancing were just completely filled with spam content or are usually attractive to that kind of audience. Just in time, Quora

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