8 principles for making remote work work for you

We’re living in really interesting (and dramatic) times. Cities are going into panic. Events are being canceled. People have to work from home.

For some of us, remote work was a luxury and a perk. For others, remote work is now a requirement — maybe not something we’re actively choosing.

In the next 5 years, the majority of the workforce will be independent. And 95% of people who have worked remotely in some capacity want to keep it up. Remote work is here to stay.

The first time I ever worked remotely was in 2015. I was part of a team of four. None of us had worked remotely before, but we all agreed it should be part of our team culture. I was in Portland, Oregon, and the rest of the team was in New York. What ended up happening was I did 3-ish hours of work a day and tried not to get caught. I would join calls from bed, meetings from coffee shops, and send emails from long lunches. I did work; it just didn’t feel like I was working. It was pretty unproductive, and my team had to pick up my slack.

When systems are not in place and people

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