7 things your competitors know about winning customers

Customer acquisition is the process of attracting new customers to a business. In marketing, acquiring and retaining customers are the two most important things to sustaining growth — but only 44% of companies concentrate their marketing efforts on customer acquisition. While there are many methods you can apply to get more eyeballs on your brand, here are seven proven strategies your competitors know and hope you never learn about acquiring new customers.

1. PPC advertising vastly improves your ability to scale

Your competition likely understands that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers the most direct path to getting new customers. With PPC advertising, you can set a budget and get immediate returns, which is otherwise impossible through other advertising methods.

PPC advertising allows you to instantly compete with corporate giants who have a lot more money to spend — as long as your marketing message is compelling to your target audience. Google ads account for 65% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches (commercial intent means people who have the intention to buy a product or service). PPC advertising also enables you to immediately garner attention, even if your website is not highly ranked in the search engines.

How to do it:

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