6 simple steps to deal with writer’s burnout

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We’ve all been there: staring at our laptop screens, knowing that we need to get words down, feeling the looming dread of deadlines at our shoulders — and being utterly unable to type a single word.

Ah, writer’s burnout.

Different from mere writer’s block, burnout is a distinct feeling that comes when you’ve been hustling so hard that part of you just… stops. No matter how much you need to get done or how much you want to get done, you just can’t get yourself to sit at the keyboard and work.

Of course, taking a vacation from it all is a great way to refresh yourself, but for many of us, that’s simply not an option. So, what’s a working freelancer to do when the words suddenly dry up? That’s what we’ll be getting into today.

1) Cultivate small breaks

At its core, “burnout” is just a fancy word for “exhaustion,” so the biggest key to curing it is learning how to be

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