6 cool tools to manage stress

The growing gig economy is leaving stressed freelancers in its wake. 62 percent of freelancers report to feeling stress, compared to 55 percent of office workers. Increasingly exasperating clients, approaching deadlines, endless meetings, and inefficient time tracking are a few of the triggers of continuous anxiety. Paired with global uncertainty and civil unrest, many freelancers are now dealing with situational anxiety. In these times, it can be emotionally demanding to remain focused and stay motivated. Considering that many freelancers are working with virtual teams and in secluded workspaces, creating a window of time to unwind and recharge has never been more important.

Here are some of the best tools that freelancers can use to creatively reduce stress and maximize productivity throughout their freelancing career.

Oak Meditation

Regular 9-to-5 workers, business executives, and high-performing career experts have made it clear that meditation is crucial to productivity. After meditating, nearly 60 percent of individuals prone to anxiety managed to reduce their anxiety levels.  Freelancers can benefit from developing a habit of meditating regularly.

Oak Meditation is a free iOS application that reminds you to take regular breaks throughout your workday to meditate. During those breaks, you can step away from your busy work to recharge. Remember,

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