5 tips to strengthen your mental wellness when working from home.

Have you been making yourself a priority as part of the adjustment when working from home? Good work and self care go hand in hand. It’s easy to forget about yourself with the change in your working style and all the distractions that come with working from home. We’re going to share some tips to help you put yourself, and your health first.

5 tips:

1. Hobbies

Keep up with your old hobbies or find new ones! Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to perfect an old skill or learn a new one. Have you always wanted to finish a 1000-piece puzzle, learn to cook or learn how to knit? Seize the opportunity and allow yourself to find joy in the little things you’ve been missing. Research shows that hobbies are a great way to improve and keep your mood and mental state healthy, while keeping yourself busy. 

2.  Meditation

With all of the stress you may be feeling, it can be helpful to meditate. Meditation allows you to escape, for a moment,  the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. Research shows that, not only does mediation have long-term health benefits, mentally and physically, but also

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