5 Tips For Freelancers Building The Perfect Profile Summary

The profile page: ever since the early days of social media, we’ve been agonizing about the perfect way to present ourselves. And although we’ve moved on from the HTML-heavy days of garish MySpace pages, our profiles are as important as ever in how the digital world perceives us.

For freelancers, the profile page is an essential part of how you make a living. You should be assuming that employers are going to check out your profile every time you submit an application, and a professional profile page can make or break your freelancing career. Ensure your profile presents you as the perfect candidate, every time – read on for our best tips for an irresistible profile summary.

1) Picture Perfect

Nowadays, a professional profile is incomplete without a photograph that displays you in your best light. Clients will build a stronger connection with freelancers if they have an image in mind and trust will be enforced through this connection.

Take your picture in good light, and look straight into the camera – in the physical world eye contact is an essential component of building a relationship and this holds true in digital environments as well. Crop out any unnecessary details

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