5 things you can do to get more job applicants

Millions of Americans have felt pandemic layoffs and business closures impact their careers in 2020. Many have turned to the gig economy to stay afloat. A study by Upwork found that 24% more people entered the gig economy this summer than in previous years. Gig workers are an alternate hiring solution for businesses trying to manage their operational expenses. This means job boards and listings are getting flooded with options for temporary or project-based work.

While a rapidly growing need for gig workers is great for applicants, it can create an issue for hiring companies. It can make you feel like your posts are getting buried or overlooked. So, what should you do to get your job post more applicants? We’ve put together five things you can do to get your job post to stand out and attract high-quality candidates.

1. Revisit your post title

A well-written and competitive job post begins with an easy-to-understand post title. When a job seeker visits a job board, they will be presented with an endless scrolling list of options. Your job post title needs to convince a seeker to stop scrolling. If your post is easy to ignore, you’re going

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