5 things freelance writers can get sued for

Thinking about all of the things you could get sued for as a freelance writer is probably dead last on the list of things you actually want to devote brainpower to, or close to it. After all, you have good relationships with the clients and publications you’re working for. Plus, getting hit with a lawsuit isn’t the type of thing that happens to writers who are worth their salt, right?

Unfortunately, even the most experienced writers aren’t immune to legal action, warranted or not. The reality is that all freelance writers — those who have years of experience and those who are new to the scene; those who freelance full time and those who are freelancing off the side of their desk — take on inherent risk due to the nature of the craft.

So, what exactly can freelance writers get sued for?

1. Intellectual property

Though avoiding copyright infringement is a fundamental precaution writers take, lawsuits alleging the illegal use of others’ work or ideas are far from uncommon.

There are, of course, bona fide cases where writers have failed to provide proper credit when using someone else’s intellectual property (and have felt the wrath of doing so); however, with millions of pieces

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