5 questions to ask before accepting any freelance job

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The fickleness of the freelance market — especially right now — can leave you with the impulse to immediately say yes to any gig that comes your way, simply because it feels wrong to turn down a job.

Yet before accepting any kind of freelance work — from writing to designing to proofreading — there are several important things other than the obvious issues of payment and deadlines that you must consider. Hit pause on your instant response and take time to ask a few of the following questions before you agree to take on each job.

1. Do you have a particular style or vision in mind?

When you are considering accepting an assignment from a client, make sure you’re absolutely clear about what it will entail. It may sound obvious, but the more details you can get, the more informed your decision will be ⁠— and all this information will come in handy if you do choose to accept.

Ask to

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