5 Popular Remote Jobs During a Pandemic

The pandemic came as an absolute surprise and became a real challenge for many
industries. A huge number of people were left without work, while others found themselves on a wave of success and demand. Nevertheless, the world is beginning to gradually adapt to the new reality, the labor market is changing under the influence of safety requirements, and businesses are learning how to profit from new conditions.

Below, we have collected five professions that have become the most relevant and
demanded during the quarantine, lockdown, and pandemic.

Social Media Specialist

Immediately after the world was hit by a wave of lockdown, most small and medium-sized businesses were forced to migrate to the online space. Some of them did not even have their own sites, or their sites were minimalistic and served as more a business card than a sales tool. The pandemic has forced them to look at online tools differently.

Social media is the perfect tool for attracting new customers and keeping in touch with your target audience. What’s more, most of the social media features are free, and the paid features are perfectly affordable for small businesses and are highly effective when used correctly. Thus, many businesses

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