5 fast fixes to make your web copy sparkle

Got 15 minutes? Time to boost the potency of your freelance website.

Whether you have a degree in English or you couldn’t write your way out of a paper bag, you can use pro writer know-how to make a few quick and easy tweaks to your freelance website.

It’ll only take a few minutes to make a big impact with these five easy fixes.

1. Get that headline popping

It’s really, really easy to get wrapped up in the headline or tagline for your site. Folks get so absorbed in being original or clever, they can totally lose sight of the goal.

If someone reads the headline — or at least scans the header section — of your home page, will they know who you are and what you do? Will they see themselves in it?

Your home page needs to let the reader know that they’re in the right place. Make it crystal, sparkling clear that you’re the person who can solve their problem.

Think about what you’d tell your friend’s mom about what you do, in about one line. “We do [service] for [customer industry]” is never a bad bet.

Let’s look at a couple of headlines from some design sites:

“We build websites that work. And

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