4 Hot Topics from Virtual Staffing World 2020

It’s safe to say this was the most unique Staffing World we’ve ever been a part of. Staffing World is the biggest staffing conference of the year, hosted by the American Staffing Association (ASA). We were originally scheduled to be in Nashville, Tennessee together, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASA pivoted and hosted the conference virtually. 

One thing is certain, there was no shortage of great content this year. Here are four topics that were top of mind for everyone at this year’s Virtual Staffing World: 

Diversity & Inclusion Consumerization of Staffing Going Branchless Retention Strategies in a COVID-19  World  Diversity & Inclusion 

I was so happy to see a focus on diversity and inclusion throughout keynotes, sessions, and casual conversation at the virtual coffee house. The conversations varied from diversity across the industry as a whole to tips on making your specific agency more inclusive. 

One particularly interesting session focused on strategies for hiring and retaining diverse talent, both internally at your agency as well as the workforce you place. In that session, Candy Whitaker from Signature Consultants said it beautifully, “You can recruit diverse talent and make all of the hires you want, but if

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