20 Flavors to Try in 2020

Get ready for a year full of good eats.

It’s a new decade — and the year is off to a sweet (and spicy, crispy, oh-so toasty, meaty) okay, let’s just say — flavorful start. Here, we’ve compiled our top 20 food trends to try in the new year. It’s a feast of global flavors with Latin American cuisines dominating the list, while a breakfast that’s big in Japan finally finds its way Stateside. 2020 will be a flavor journey, all from the comfort of your couch. Here are our top 20 flavor picks to kick off the year.

1. Arepas – Melty cheese wrapped in ground-maize dough — this dish hails from pre-Columbian times but it’s equally delicious in any decade. Try it in the new one!

2. Chicory – This green is having a moment — root to tip: The leafy part is a new take on the sautéed side dish, while chicory root adds a woody, nutty flavor to coffees in the new year.

3. Churros 2.0 – This fried dough classic is showing up in new and delicious ways. Check out “designer” churros — waffle and croissant hybrids — with fancified dipping sauces (cinnamon cream, etc.)

4. Tacos de Suadero – Try a new type of taco with tender boiled brisket and an authentic recipe straight from Mexico

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